About Us


Global Liquidators was started as an idea. The idea was simple, bring products to people at a fraction of the retail price they would normally pay. Lets face it, we all like to save money if we can. At Global Liquidators, we are able to leverage our relationships with larger companies and purchase their overstock, end of season products, warehouse damaged boxes, and customer returns and bring those savings to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing a quality product that is accurately described. Not all of the products we offer are brand new. Rest assured that we inspect each product for completeness, damage, and functionality to the best of our ability. If an item is not as described, we’ll give you your money back if you return the item within two weeks. No questions asked.


You will hear new term used in describing item that you may not be used to. What do those terms mean?

New in box: The item that you are buying is new in its original box. It has not been opened.

New in opened box: The box has been opened, but the product appears to be new.

New in damaged box: The box has been damaged, but the product inside the box has not been damaged and still appears new.

New, not in original box or packaging: For whatever reason, the product has been removed from it’s original packaging. This could happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes that packaging is damaged and needs to be removed as to not damage the product or lose it’s pieces.

Refurbished: Items that we sell as refurbished initially had some functionality issue that was caught prior to being sold to a customer. Items that are listed at refurbished are typically refurbished by either the manufacturer or a third party. We do not repair or refurbish products are our warehouse. This is done prior to arriving at our facility.

Tested, Powers on: This means that the only test we performed on the product was powering it on. Sometimes, this is the only test necessary. Sometimes, it is the only testing we are able to perform. For example, if we test a coffee maker, we do not make a pot of coffee to ensure that the product works. The only test we will do is a powers on test. This does not guarantee full functionality.

Tested, Functions as it should: This means that we were able to fully test the product and that it works as it should. For example, if a vacuum cleaner gets tested, we will make sure that all of the functions work and that it has full suction. We will test the item to make sure that it works as it should in the real world.

Appears Used: This type of product is typically a customer return that has been used to some degree. The product may still be relatively new, but has been used and returned.

Appears New: This type of product is typically a suspected customer return that little or no signs of use. The product looks like it was just removed from packaging. A good example of this is people that buy the biggest flat screen TV they can to watch the Super Bowl and then return the TV after the big game. The product will still appear new, but is has been lightly used.

Salvage: This product typically does not function and will only be good for parts or repair. This type of product is generally damaged to some extent. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with “for parts only.”

For Parts only: This product is generally not functional, but has significant value for the parts that it contains.

For Parts or Repair only: This type of product generally does not function, but could be repaired or used for parts. An example of this type of product is a laptop that will power on, but not boot up. Someone with knowledge on computer repairs will find this product of some value.